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No more excuses for low chess standards

Chess Ideas started a revolution in offering chess education to schools in Melbourne in 1994. While many kids now participate, the overall level of the standard is still low, this is particularly apparent in settings when Australian chess players are facing their overseas opponents - Chess Olympiads and World and Junior world championships.

Hi, I am Michael Gluzman International Master, author of Strategic Principles of Chess and experienced Chess coach with over 30 years of professionally coaching students from absolute beginners to making it to top 10 in their age division.

Over the years, driven by my passion in the game of chess, I have invested countless hours of my time and provided scholarships to budding chess players. I have learned what works, and how to work with individuals to get real results.

Many schools offer chess lessons, but if you are looking for something more than a taste of chess and a real enriching experience, consider how you can benefit from a professional coach like myself.

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